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Who We Are

Perfect Time Micro-Credit Services is registered with the registrar general of the Republic of Ghana and has its  membership certificate with the Micro-Credit Association of Ghana (MCAG) and its final license with the Bank of Ghana, with the license number   MC/BOG/17/00640

SLOGAN: Financial support, just when you need it

LOGO: We are extremely diligent with our work and hold the funds of our investors with extreme care. We are very prudent with our decisions and apply efficient cost management skills to make sure our investors funds are never at risk.All risk we take with regard to our loans and other investment with the money market are done with proper risk mitigation in place. That explains the two hands receiving the gold.


To be the backbone of financial support to individuals, micro, small and medium businesses in Ghana in the most effective and efficient way.


To be the benchmark of best practices in the non-bank financial services of the country leading the pace in long term sustainability, liquidity and profitability by the end of 2021.


To provide the kind of services that most people fail to get from the financial institutions. All singing the same song and offer products to customers instead of meeting the need of our customers in a timely, efficient and effective manner. We sell solutions to our customers and not products. We earnestly listen to the needs/challenges/problems of the customers and offer solutions looking at the services we offer.

We combine our core values of flexibility, timeliness, professionalism and others to ensure the needs of our customers are met in the most efficient and effective way.